sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Day 01

So I explained my blog abouts but i wasn´t even showered so i didn´t post the first picture of the first outfit.

Right from te bottom of my armoire, here it is...

DAY ONE 01                                                                                            DÍA UNO
                                          Couldn´t decide on the boots, gray or white. (botas grises o blancas)

                                               The dress is actually a knitted skirt my mother wore when she was pregnat
                                       El vestido es una falda tejida de cuando mi mamá estaba embarazada jaja.
                                        The Final Look

                                                Accesorized =)

SWEATER, suéter: Mint Green, forever 21

DRESS, vestido: is actually a knitted skirt from my mother

BELT, cinturón: Agaci store

SHADES, lentes: some chinese market of course haha

NECKLACE, collar: borrowed from my sister i don´t think she remember where she bought it... or that i have it haha.

LEGGINGS, mallas: Cannon, from wal-mart

LEATHER BRACELET, brazalete: Hot Topic

BOOTS, botas: ZIA for love culture

PARFUM,perfume: Flower by Kenzo

So it´s the first day so it was easy, will get harder and harder as days come by....see you tomorrow bloggers =)
El primer día fue fácil chicas, se pondrá más duro en el camino =) hasta mañana niñas

HAIR, cabello(ni tan bello): Citré Shine Foam, from sallys. (not a great hair day but its cloudy)

On day less... i wonder what i would buy when i finish this challange, louboutins? something from blumarine? a chanel wallet? GIVE ME IDEAS GIRLS!!
see you tomorrow =)

Un día menos... me pregunto que cosa de diseñador voy a comprarme al acabar este reto, louboutins? algo de blumarine? una cartera chanel? DENME IDEAS!!!
hasta mañana!!



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  1. Guapa!
    Gracias a tu comentario en mi blog he descubierto el tuyo, y te doy muchos ánimos para el inicio, seguro que te irá muy bien!!

  2. Me gustame gustame gusta :D:D:D::D

    Ai laik dat is in inglish an espanish,!!!

  3. love it!!! ke padre esta tu blog gre!! me enkanto ^^ ya sube la de hoy :D

  4. love it!!! me gusto muco tu blog gre!!! ^^